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A Nice Letter to a Religious Person for a Change



FAO: Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain, MBE – Your appearance on Premier Christian Radio’s Unbelievable?9 May 2009

Dear Rabbi Romain

I recently heard you on the above radio show and I just wanted to write and commend you on a brilliant display against a couple of, frankly, rather deluded, borderline fundamentalist Christians!

I am an atheist and a strong opponent of faith-based religion.  I have appeared on Unbelievable? three times in the last year.  I also have my own webblog where I regularly rant against the parties of God and deliver literary tongue-lashings to apologists who have ticked me off:

However, your understated, rational and above all witty demeanour on the show was a breath of fresh air:

“So that’s two billion people who have accepted that this man was the Messiah?  Out of a global population of six billion?  That’s pretty small potatoes really isn’t it?”


I wish all religious people were so reasonable, tolerant and modest about their faith, as opposed to ramming down everyone else’s throats in attempting to convince them that their way is the right way.

Alas, I fear that there is not enough of your kind out there and I am therefore destined to continue my polemical mission until religion is something that is done privately and in the home.  Rather like knitting.


With best wishes

manic street preacher