Gregory S Paul: ‘The Great Scandal: Christianity’s Role in the Rise of the Nazis, Parts I – III’

NaziPriestsBeltBuckleFor several years, since my last spate of blogging in 2009 – 2010, I have been preparing a collection of essays on Christianity’s role in the rise of Fascism and National Socialism in order to exonerate atheism and secularism, whose names are repeatedly sullied by the faithful in order to deflect attention away from their own gross failings of morality and resistance to radical evil.

American physicist Victor Stenger’s excellent addition to the New Atheism cannon, God, The Failed Hypothesis: How Science Shows That God Does Not Exist, briefly mentions Christianity’s complicity with Nazism in its chapter discussing human morality.  Stenger cites palaeontologist, researcher and author Gregory Scott Paul’s three articles that were published in Free Inquiry magazine about 10 years ago: “The Great Scandal: Christianity’s Role in the Rise of the Nazis.”  I have learnt a great deal from Paul’s articles and they have been instrumental in my research for my own essays on the topic.

The articles are available to view on Free Inquiry magazine’s website, although the format is not terribly reader-friendly.

Part I

Part II

Part III

I have transferred the text, including the photographs and captions, into Word Documents, which I have uploaded to this blog in PDF:

Part I – PDF

Part II – PDF

Part III – PDF

Enjoy and learn.

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5 Responses to “Gregory S Paul: ‘The Great Scandal: Christianity’s Role in the Rise of the Nazis, Parts I – III’”

  1. Dan Says:

    The problem with your analysis:

    Communism, a spectre as Marx said, “haunting Europe”.

    In 1932-34 the Holodomir was unleashed by the USSR on Christian peasants. Up to 10,000 orthodox ukrainians murdered by Commissars and apparachiks in the Soviet system. The Germans were well aware of the precise identity of the perpetrators, down to the last letter. So sit back and let the Conmunists do this in Germany? No instead hire a thug to kill a thug.

    • Dan Says:

      This is the architect of collectivization and the big daddy of the Holodomir.

      Without these vicious Soviet examples accounted for, it is impossible to understand why the Nazis were so popular in Germany. Any informed German who was suspicious of Communism in Germany only had to look at Kaganovich’s activities and see their fate writ large.

      • manicstreetpreacher Says:


        It’s not my analysis; it’s Gregory S Paul’s analysis. I have simply learned a great deal from his articles, which is why I wanted to engross and publish them.

        Of course there were other factors responsible for the rise of Hitler. Germany’s defeat in World War I and The Treaty of Versailles were other major causes.

        Of course Communism and Nazism were diametrically opposed to, and wanted to destroy, the other.

        But to say that Russia was responsible for Nazism and all its consequent evils is stretching the chain of causation and counterfactual analysis too far.

        It would be like saying that America’s bombard of Cambodia during the Vietnam War was a factor that gave the Khmer Rouge a clear run to power (which of course it was), but then go on to say that Pol Pot’s Killing Fields should be laid at the door of Nixon and Kissinger and absolving those who actually carried out the genocide.

        I can quite easily repudiate America’s involvement in Vietnam, but even I’m not taking those kind of cheap shots.


  2. Mackinz Says:

    Hello sir. O recently stumbled upon Gregory S. Paul’s articles on the influence of Christianity on the Holocaust (etc.) and I enjoyed reading them. However, being of the skeptical, rationalist mindset, my first thought was “Who has criticized what aspects of it?”.

    If I may ask, have you found anything of that sort since you posted this blog in September? Your last reply to this post was made in December so perhaps you’ll see this.

    • manicstreetpreacher Says:

      Thank you for your comment, Mackinz.

      I haven’t found any articles that reply directly to Paul’s, however, I can assure you that the whole issue of the Church’s complicity with Fascism and Nazism is used as an ideological football between Christians and secularists and Pius XII has as many academic supporters as he does opponents.

      In favour are David Dalin, Ronald Rychlak and Michael Burleigh. Against are John Cornwell, Guenter Luvy and Daniel Goldhagan (to name but a very few).

      I’m currently reading David Robertson’s reply (of sorts) to Hitchens’ God Is Not Great, Magnificent Obsession which references Joseph Keysor’s Hitler, The Holocaust And The Bible. I’ve never heard of Keysor before and I haven’t read his book, but from looking at summaries and reviews on the Internet, it looks like he is attempting to dispel secularists’ arguments that Hitler was a Christian and Christian anti-Semitism lead to the Holocaust.

      As I say, Keysor does not seem to be very widely known and his book’s sole review on Amazon UK is rather dismissive.

      My earlier posts on a statement purportedly made by Albert Einstein in support of the Church’s stance in the face of Hitler as well as Richard Dawkins’ and P Z Myers’ scathing comments about Pius XII back in 2010 might be of interest to you.



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