Edmund Standing on The British Labour Government’s Ruinous Approach to Combating Islamic Extremism

Prolific secular and anti-fascist blogger Edmund Standing has a new article published on Butterflies & Wheels, which can be accessed here.  The clue is in the title.

The approach taken by the Labour Government has been ruinous for community relations and for the integration of immigrant groups. A formula for a successful and cohesive society is found in the promotion of patriotism, individual responsibility within a framework of individual rights, and the entrepreneurial spirit. Instead of this, the Government’s approach has resulted in a disjointed society, collectivism and communalism, demands for a parallel legal system, and the empowerment of a particularly belligerent element in the British Muslim community.

With a prime minister claiming post-9/11 that the Koran is “remarkable, progressive and inclusive… extols science and knowledge and abhors superstition… practical and far ahead of its time in attitudes toward marriage, women, and governance”, you begin to wonder whether our elected politicians appreciate the gravity of the problem they are facing.  Or whether they just need to sack their spin doctors.

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2 Responses to “Edmund Standing on The British Labour Government’s Ruinous Approach to Combating Islamic Extremism”

  1. Edmund Standing Says:

    In the case of Blair I think he really believes it, just like Koran Armstrong and various other liberal dimwits with an aversion to reality. Blair was an absolute menace with his pandering to ‘faith groups’. But, that said, the Conservatives have similar problems, as witness Baroness Warsi’s extraordinary claim that New Labour has been unfair to religious people.

    My hope is that the more libertarian small government wing of the Tories come to the fore if they get elected. Cameron may be running a kind of all things to all men Blue Obama campaign right now, but Cameron is far from representative of real, sensible conservatism, even though I do find much to admire in his general approach. My only fear is that both the ‘base’ and those like me who are coming over to the centre-right for rational reasons are not alienated as a result.

    Mainstream politics these days stink of London dinner parties and media friendly soundbites. Most people don’t live in London and aren’t particularly interested in fitting in with the trendy liberal circles with their Blackberries and inane tweeting that infest the place. It’s time for politicians to realise this. But still, no-one has done that debased brand of politics better (or worse) than New Labour. They’re not fit for re-election, and their flawed approach to dealing with radical Islam is just the tip of the iceberg.

    • manicstreetpreacher Says:

      Jesus H Christ, Edmund, we are taking this voting Tory thing seriously, aren’t we? 😮

      I just wish that a politician would have the balls to take a Pat Condell (or a Douglas Murray, for that matter) approach to Islam and tell it like it is. Even if it means being branded “racist” or Islamophobic”.

      Blair and Bush’s remarks clearly show that they haven’t read any of the central Muslim texts and are being briefed on what other Muslims have told them.

      The problem is rooted in what many Muslims actually believe about the nature of freedom of speech and democracy i.e. that they are non-existent and therefore incompatible with secular society. Politicians will have to start being honest sooner or later.

      I think that Murray’s recent successful I2 debate on Islam in Europe hints that more people are opposed a Labour-style “softly, softly” approach to religious sentiments. They just need more encouragement to come out of the closet and make their voices heard.

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